BPG Onsite Construction Services

3rd Party Quality Control Inspections

Our 3rd Party Peer Review Service is provided as a critical component of BPG’s Risk Management program and executed by highly qualified Quality Assurance/Quality Control Professionals with years of expertise in the construction field. By being extremely effective at building strong relationships with General Contractors, our team brings value through experienced observation and thorough reporting. BPG’s inspection services are different by design. Created to work with you and your construction personnel, we form a meaningful partnership designed to be more than a compliance service, instead bringing value during the construction process to help avoid problems in the future.

Focused areas of importance
BPG focuses on the areas of a project that can lead to litigation down the road. This is simply because we focus on issues that we know can lead to large dollar future exposures. It means more protection with quicker cycle times.

Inspection of every unit
Re-inspection is imperative for today’s builders A final report certified evidence that any notated correctable item was remediated before moving on in the construction process.

Re-inspection of all correctible items
Re-inspection is imperative for today’s builders A final report is certified evidence that any notated correctable item was remediated before moving on in the construction process.

Fast response
BPG understands how important it is for you to get your project moving again after the notification of a correctible item. After the correctible item recommendation has been completed, contact our offices, and a BPG will return to the site within 24-48 hours, sometimes even quicker. We’re here to help keep you on budget and on time!

No hidden charges
With BPG, the price you see is the price you pay. We have many options and upgrades to our services, all designed to help either build a better product or make your project even more efficient or cost-effective.

BPG is compliant with your OCIP/CCIP wrap policy. This means our services will help to ensure your QA/QC services requirement is met. This is just one more way that working with BPG makes your life easier, so you can focus on what you do best – Building Quality Projects.

Property Condition Assessment Services

As a full-spectrum consulting company, Builders Protection Group LLC has inspected and is proficient in single-family, multi-family, and complete range commercial and industrial infrastructures and government facilities. Included is a brief inspection sample checklist which should serve as a minimum of home systems and components to be inspected while conducting a property assessment.

Inspection services have been performed for various customers including:

  • Lenders
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Contractor Bid Assessments

A property assessment includes a visual inspection of the major mechanical and structural components of the home, from rooftop to foundation. The inspection includes:
– The property site, building exterior, roof inspection, the attic, chimney, fireplace, and building interior.
– We inspect the plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems.
– We go into the crawl space and check the foundation and the structural members.
– We will disclose if there was additional construction to the building and verify if that construction is code compliant.
– We are looking for threats to health and safety, non-code complying conditions, and areas of deferred maintenance or functional obsolescence.

Distressed Property Consulting Services

Aimed primarily at financial institutions, receivers, and private investors, BPG’s distressed property services are designed to help manage the unique liabilities inherent in residential real estate development when completed or partially-completed projects change ownership. In many cases, the standard risks of construction are amplified by the possible lack of continuity in construction management and/or the dissolution of customer service programs when projects change hands. BPG can help financial institutions understand the status of a project and then develop a customized program to manage the risks, primarily from construction defect claims, or implement a program that will make the marketing of the project easier by alleviating some of the risks faced by potential buyers.

BPG can assess the status of the project through inspections, construction, and due diligence assessments. BPG can then implement a homeowner care program that includes homeowner turnovers, punch list management, manual design/preparation, and post-sale customer service. For projects that are still under construction, BPG can work with insurance carriers and brokers to administer a new OCIP/CCIP wrap program where a change in ownership may have caused insurance policies that were in place to have lapsed.

Our complete package includes:
– OCIP/CCIP wrap insurance administration
– Quality control programs
– Plan review
– Field observation and inspection
– Photo documentation
– Outsourced homeowner customer service
– Limited warranty with manual design/preparation

This offering is customized to the needs of each particular project based on the stage of the project, the status of insurance coverage, and the goals of the project’s current owners.