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BPG Wrap Administration Services

Wrap Orientation Meetings
On request - BPG will organize an initial Wrap Enrollment Meeting with the Developer, General Contractor, and identified subcontractors to review the purpose and process of BPG’s Wrap Administration program. Ongoing meetings and education are also available throughout the project.

Participant Enrollment
BPG’s flexible and efficient enrollment process makes becoming enrolled an easy and effective process for the Project’s construction participants. Working with an OCIP Administrator has never been easier.

Certificate of Enrollment Distribution
After successful enrollment, BPG Wrap Administrators will issue a Certificate of Enrollment to the participants as proof of successful enrollment.

On-Line Enrollment & Visibility
BPG Wrap Administration Services make it easy to enroll in an OCIP as well as view progress and outstanding requirements. Each participant receives an enrollment packet and a project-specific Wrap Manual with instructions on how to enroll, satisfy insurance requirements, and report claims, download forms, or get access to important information for the Project.

Premium Recapture/Allocation
BPG Wrap Services can help with the fair and proportional allocation of the OCIP Premium across the participants who will be enjoying the coverage of the policy. Flexible and fair, this valuable service is worth its weight in gold.

Subcontractor Certificate Tracking
BPG Insurance Services will verify construction participant’s Insurance Certificates to ensure compliance and coverage at the time of enrollement in the project. Information and updates are available in report form online to the Developer or other relevant parties. On request, BPG can also offer this service on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the project.

BPG Risk Review Services

Pre-Project Risk Assessments
Risk Assessment Reports (RAR) & Site Safety Survey
Risk Assessment and Site Safety Survey Reporting: BPG will conduct carrier-required Risk Assessment Surveys and Site Safety Surveys. Designed to be a beneficial tool in helping to avoid potential problems down the road and immediate on-site safety concerns, BPG will work with you to help identify any potential exposures or hazards, and make recommendations on corrections.

Many Insurance Carriers and Developers today look to Builders Protection Group LLC’s expertise in identifying potential risks in a prospective insured. BPG has a thorough process by which we glean insight into an organization’s operations, practices, strengths, and weaknesses. Once we have had a series of specialists review all of the information, we make recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are then followed up on to ensure compliance.

BPG’s recommendations are placed into a comprehensive and actionable report for the Developer to use as a blueprint for improvement. BPG realizes that first and foremost, risk must be identified before it can be mitigated and managed. The steps that we recommend go a long way to help ensure that. What is also very important to this process is the manner in which it is deployed. BPG goes to great lengths to make this a positive and constructive experience that improves the operations of a developer’s organization while reducing the exposure to both the project and the Developer.

BPG will perform a specific risk management review that incorporates a detailed review of the home declarations, sales agreements, subcontractor agreements and limited warranty contract. This review will ensure that all contracts have appropriate risk transfer, binding arbitration and loss mitigation wording.

Site Safety Survey
Solid safety practices go beyond simple tailgate meetings, and Builders Protection Group LLC helps Developers reach set safety standards on their site through our Project Site Safety Survey process.

A trained BPG Field Services Specialist (FSS) is dispatched to review a project site at a pre-determined point in a project’s development (typically in the early stages of framing). Through interviews and observation, BPG’s FSS personnel measure a site’s compliance to best practices as they relate to the safety and security of a site.

FSS personnel make note of all potential safety and security issues and articulate their findings on an SSS Report form to both the Developer and the Insurance Carrier. Re-inspection visits are conducted to ensure compliance.

In addition to the comprehensive checklist of items reviewed, there are always overriding directives that each FSS follows to help guide them:
  • The potential for bodily harm to another person
    • Other contractor’s personnel
    • Members of the public (especially children or the elderly)
  • The potential to damage someone else’s property
    • Buildings or other property adjoining or in close proximity to the job site

BPG realizes that by helping a Developer improve the safety and security conditions in and around their project, we are helping to protect them and the project.

Subcontract / Legal Document Review
One critical stage during the development process is the review of legal documents. How you approach the legal aspects of your project can have lasting effects for years to come. We help to ensure the most protection to you and help provide unified defense in the event of any claims. BPG has a series of specialists review critical documents and then make recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are then followed up on to ensure compliance. Standard areas of focus are:
  • Condo/Home Declarations
  • Sales Agreements
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Limited Warranty Contract

This review ensures that all contracts have appropriate risk transfer, binding arbitration and loss mitigation wording. BPG looks to ensure that all contracts include consistent language on these fronts.

Ongoing Risk Consulting
The BPG Risk Management Services Suite offers you our complete array of protection for quality developers and can bring value to any project. Behind each service is a commitment by our knowledgeable and responsive team to help address many of the complex and challenging problems that arise throughout the life of a project. It is BPG’s pledge to help Developers, Insurance Professionals, Insurance Carriers, and Real Estate Professionals produce the best possible projects, while helping to mitigate the inherent risks with the utmost integrity and effectiveness.

BPG Carrier Services

BPG CarrierView™ Online Visibility Portal
BPG Carrier Services offer a easy and up to the minute look into the enrollment and other benchmark points of any project that they are underwriting. Quick and secure, BPG ProjectView™ makes getting important info easier than ever.

Regular Project Notification & Updates
Regular Notification and Reporting: Being famous for our flexibility, BPG works with Carriers to understand the frequency and content of information that is important to them. We will modify our standard reports and furnish them with information important to your unique business needs…when and where you’d like it.

Certificate & Document Downloading
Carriers have instant access to download copies of Certificates of Enrollment and other relevant documents at any time.

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